Hi how are you guys doing, check out blacked.com/coffee for a 20% discount on your first order!

@lina portainer makes it a bit better to manage the cocker containers, but yeah I never use it if I don't have to

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I don't see the point of mastodon or twitter, I hate women btw

@Vivaldi I love vivaldi, but I'm sticking with firefox (there was a weird bug where it deleted everything off of my cloud and desktop and I gave up also I have stockholm syndrome from using firefox for 12 years)

so the new gpu I got is cringe doesn't work on gentoo smh (smh) ngl bruh I installed arch now I feel like reddit (never used reddit before but I hate them))

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>this is an entry level cybersecurity position, good for students and recent graduates
>requires 5 years in a similar position
>you can substitute a masters or higher for ONE year of experience
I think all these people need to be killed ong
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cant stop taking xkcd comics and just ruining them

@VTArgyle the worst part is horny boomers will actually do this

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